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Quality is of the utmost importance to L'il Angels Consignment and it is the very reason our event is so popular!  Please be sure to only bring us your very best when selecting your items to sell!

  • 100 hanger items of which 40 can be NB-18 Months and 15 can be Maternity. 

    • Onesies are not part of this limit but must be in a Ziploc type bag (if it comes on a hanger it get counted as a hanger item)

    • Sleepers NB-18 Months do not count toward this limit, but must be in a Ziplock type bag (if it comes on a hanger it get counted as a hanger item)

    • Jackets, Costumes, and Dress up do not count toward this limit 

  • 10 pair of season appropriate shoes that must be in a Ziploc type bag

  • Everything else is unlimited however please make sure everything is in good quality, gently used, and working order. 


What is Acceptable to Sell at the Event

L'il Angels Consignment Sale allows a large variety of children's and maternity items to be sold at our sale event.  We ask our consignor's to ensure all batteries are included in electronic items, ensure items are clean and in gently preowned or better condition.  We maintain a rigorous inspection process for all items placed on our sales floor.  As a consignor, if you feel you would not purchase an item you plan to send due to wear, pricing, or a small flaw, we ask you to consider donation of the item or keep the item at home.

We are will accept the following items in gently preowned or new condition:

  • Quality children's clothing size NB-16 youth - please see our seasonal guidelines for the upcoming sale - hanger limits apply

  • Quality maternity clothing - all seasons accepted at all sales - hanger limits apply

  • Formalwear such as pageant wear, communion dresses, flower girl dresses, tuxedos, and suits at both sales

  • Toys and equipment that are clean and in working condition - if the item requires batteries, please ensure you include them

  • Baby/Children/s/Nursery Furniture including cribs, beds, gliders, dressers etc.  Please be sure to check for recalls on these items.  We will NOT accept anything that has been recalled and not remedied. NO drop side cribs or any crib manufactured before June 30, 2014.

  • Children/Parenting books that are in good condition and have all the pages with minimal wear and tear.

  • Nursery and Toddler bedding including sheets, blankets, comforter sets, decor, etc.  Please note we do adhere to the PA Bedding and Upholstery Law and many of these items will be disinfected with an alcohol based spray and tagged with a yellow tag. 

  • We will accept car seats that are 5 years old or less, have not been in an accident, and have not been recalled.  They must also have all the pieces.  You will be asked to complete a form at the time of drop off certifying these items.  

  • Anything else kid related!  If you are unsure, please ask us! 

What is NOT Acceptable to Sell at the Event

L'il Angels Consignment Sale wants to present the best items possible to our community and help our consignors sell through as much inventory as possible.  With this in mind, the following list of items will not be accepted for sale at ANY event we coordinate.

We will NOT accept the following items:

  • We will not accept ANY food, formula or items meant for consumption

  • VHS Tapes

  • Counterfeit DVDs, CDs or Game Discs

  • Mattresses that are not accompanied by a toddler bed or crib

  • Out of season clothing and shoes (please see our Seasonal Guidelines)

  • Junior, Misses and Adult Clothing

  • Stained, ripped, overly worn or out of date clothing and shoes

  • Clothing that has drawstrings around the neck (please remove these prior to sale)

  • Stuffed animals that are not interactive

  • Pillows or Pillow Pets including "Sleeptime Lites"

  • Underwear, undershirts, bras or other undergarments unless new in the package

  • Toys, games, puzzles with missing pieces or not in working order

  • Pacifiers, bottles, nipples, teethers or any similar item unless new in the package

  • New or Used Breast Pumps

  • Used breast pump accessories (tubing, shields, flanges, etc) unless new in package

  • Any item that has been recalled and does not include the suggested remedy/update

  • To ensure the safety of your children, we will NOT accept the following:  (taken from the statement in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) "children's products that will contain lead such as children's jewelry, painted wooden or metal toys, flimsy made toys that are easily breakable into small parts and dolls and stuffed toys that have buttons, eyes, noses or other small parts that are not securely fastened and could present a choking hazard for young children." For further clarification on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, please refer to the CPSC website . The law indicates the reseller (Consignor) is responsible for this. L’il Angel's provides the facility and is not the reseller since we don’t own your items.


~These lists are not comprehensive and subject to change.~

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