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At L'il Angels Consignment Event we like to reward our shoppers for helping us help others.  Each season we have many different giveaways so check back here before you shop!

Find a Golden Ticket

L'il Angels Consignment Sale started our Golden Ticket Tradition in FALL 2021!

In March 2020, we were forced to close the doors of our sale for a full year out of an abundance of caution due to the COVID-19 Virus.  St. Ephrem Church has always been home to our sale, but it is also a school and a church community, which lead to additional precautions for our Bensalem community as a whole.

March 2021, L'il Angels Consignment Sale found a temporary location to open our Spring Sale Event.  Many of our consignors and community members were in need of affordable children's items for their growing families.  We were welcomed by Goodwill Hose Co No. 3 Station 52 in Bristol, PA to hold our sale and meet the needs of our community members.

By August 2021, conditions were deemed safe enough to return to St. Ephrem Church and our Bensalem community home!  To honor our return "home", Sonia Matura, L'il Angels previous sale owner, announced "The Hunt for the Golden Tickets" in celebration for our shoppers and our volunteers returning to the sale!

We carry on the Golden Ticket tradition each sale and we hope you'll join in the "hunt" with us!  Each ticket holds a special prize on the back, so be on the look out at our upcoming sale and you may just find some gold hidden in a basket, under a puzzle, or clipped on some clothing!  5 Golden Tickets are hidden each day of the sale and we cannot wait to see who finds them!

Lil Angels Golden Ticket

Shopper Gift Baskets

Early Reader Books #1

kids basket giveaway

Infant/Toddler Books

childrens books giveaway

Early Reader Books #2

kids books giveaway

Coffee Lovers

coffee basket giveaway


Laundry Essentials

laundry basket giveaway

Kitchen Essentials

kitchen giveaway basket

Relaxation Set

giveaway basket

Fitness & Yoga

fitness basket
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