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There are a variety of tasks that we ask our volunteers to do.  We appreciate the flexibility and dedication as our sale is constantly changing and in need of attention in many different areas.  As a result we never assign tasks ahead of time but we want to give you an idea of what may be expected when you join our team!  If you have special needs please let us know.  Absolutely anyone 16 or older can volunteer with L'il Angel's Consignment Event.

**Please note that we ask you keep your children at home during your volunteer time.  We have found it can be hazard to children and a distraction for our volunteers.  We need everyone hands on deck the entire time you are with us.  Every one matters at our events!

Task Description

Disinfecting (spraying):  As an event that complies with the PA Bedding and Upholstery Law we have to ensure all items with more than one layer are properly disinfected.  

Item Inspection: L'il Angel's has a reputation for excellent quality items on our sales floor.  We owe this reputation to our volunteers who inspect all items for rips, tears, stains, in-season, etc.  

Quality Control:  As part of the FABULOUS reputation L'il Angel's upholds our volunteers take a second look at items once they are on the floor and under the best lighting to ensure nothing was missed during inspection.

Organizing the floor:  Are you crazy about making things nice, neat, and organized...then WE WANT YOU!!!  Our organizing volunteers help us keep the items and departments looking great!!

Sorting:  This involves a great deal of organization skills and is extremely important to our breakdown process.  In this position you will sort out the items that are to be returned to the consignor so it does not cause delay on breakdown day.

Security:  Do you have a husband that would like to join our team and help you raise an extra 5% and get 2 Volunteer presale passes? Send him our way!  Security of our consignor's items are very important to us and to keep them safe we utilize an amazing Security team!!

Set-Up/BreakDown:  This task involves high energy and heavy lifting!  We lift tables, racks, and other items to set up the floor and then to break it down.  We load and unload our rental truck and a variety of other tasks.  Send your hubbies or challenge yourself to a FABULOUS workout :)

Cashier:  Keep our line moving quickly in our cashier room and in our large item room.  If you are thorough and detail oriented and good with numbers...this is for you!

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