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You have prepared all of your items and now it is time to get ready to drop your items off to us at the sale!  Be sure to schedule your drop off time and allow for about an hour to an hour and a half at peak times to complete your drop off!  Drop off is an extremely busy time where you will sign your items in, get your items inspected and put your items on our sales floor!  Rest assured we have amazing volunteers willing to help all over the sales floor!

How to Drop Off at Our Event
  • Schedule your drop off time.

    • Allow 45 minutes to an hour or more for drop off to be complete ​- this will depend on how many items you bring to consign with us.

    • We will inspect your items at your scheduled drop off time, not before.  If you arrive after your 15 minute Drop Off Appointment please wait until we have taken all consignors for the current time slot prior to taking your items.

    • NOTE:  We will NOT accept a drop off after 2:00 PM on the Friday Drop Off Date.  There are no exceptions and 2:00PM on Friday is a hard stop.  We will have to turn you and your items away at 2:00PM.  Thank you for understanding.

  • Bring in items that need to go through inspection first such as clothing, coats, shoes, onesies, sleepers, DVD's, Costumes

  • Next bring in items that need to be disinfected and take them downstairs to the spray station.  

  • While you are waiting for your inspection to be completed, please put any other items you have out on the sales floor in the correct areas.  If you need help, please ask.  Remember, if a shopper cannot find your item it may not sell - placing it correctly on the sales floor is very important.

  • If you have a car seat please complete a Car Seat Waiver for each seat at drop off, including bases and booster seats.

  • All Cribs, Toddler Beds, Pack n Plays, etc must be put together to show they are sturdy and all pieces are included.  Traditional cribs and Convertible Cribs must have a completed Infant Crib Waiver.

  • Once you are done placing your items PLEASE WAIT on the sales floor for your Consignor Number to be called!  You are responsible for your clothing items being placed on the racks.  If you do not wait they will not be placed for you and thus not sold!  If you feel you have been waiting an extended period of time please ask a Volunteer for help.

  • Be sure you're placing your clothing items in the correct size and gender.  An item that is 3-6 months will go in the 3 month section, 6-9 months in the 6 month section etc.

  • If you are picking up your unsold items on Sunday please be sure to leave a box or a bin large enough to handle returned items and write your Consignor Number on it.  Note:  If you are consigning a large number of items you may want to leave multiple bins. 

Where Do I Put My Item

Our sale encompasses two floors of space in order to have enough space to house all of the amazing items you all bring us (Don't worry there is an elevator)!  Each floor has its purpose, but we always remain flexible in case we feel something may sell better or be better suited in another area of the sale. 

Upstairs (Gym)

  • Clothing

  • Shoes

  • Small Toys

  • Books

  • Games

  • Puzzles

  • Electronics

  • Feeding/Nursing/Safety

Downstairs (Cafeteria)

  • Car Seats

  • High Chairs

  • Furniture

  • Walkers/Bouncers/Exersaucers

  • Strollers

  • Bikes

  • Swings

  • PlayMats

  • Cribs/Pack and Plays

  • Accessories for items listed above

  • Comforter sets

  • Decor

** Please note onesies and DVD's will be collected and inspected then placed by our volunteers before the start of the sale to avoide delays in inspection. 

***Please do not tape DVD's, Shoes or Bagged Infant Clothing shut to allow for inspection. 

Tips for a Speedy Drop off
  1. Sort your items by category.  Example, Boys Clothes together, Girls Clothes, Puzzles together, etc.  This will allow you to visit one section of the sale only once rather than running all over.

  2. Bring clothing and all items that need to be inspected in first in a bin without the lid.  Must be large enough to hold your items.  (No suit cases or trash bags).

  3. Ruberband sizes together in sets of 10 hangers.  This will make it easier for you to hang your items.

  4. If at all possible leave the kiddos at home for your drop off.  You will thank me later for this tip!

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