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Inventory Transfers

L'il Angels Consignment Event is now offering TWO amazing locations for you to sell your gently used and new children's items!  Having these two locations makes it easy for you to sell twice without ever re-tagging or re-entering your items!  Simply transfer your tags from sale to sale and then add all those things you forgot to bring to the last event!!  

Click the botton below for a PDF version of the How to Transfer Guide

Click the button for  short video with a page by page demonstration of an inventory transfer.


  • It is very important that all instructions are followed in order to prevent re-printing of tags.  

  • Be sure you are transferring ALL inventory.  This includes Active and Inactive items even if you are not selling them.

  • If you make a change to an item you MUST reprint the tag for that item.

  • Questions?  Please contact us!  We are happy to help!

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